MT TOUR Cyprus

The 2017 MT Tour successfully took place in Limassol - Cyprus

It was a Great Event that for the First time in Cyprus something like this took place. People had the chance to see the full MT line up and tested the models they wished. MT Accessories and Apparel were displayed and professionals were there to answer all customers questions. The success of the 1st Cyprus MT TOUR and all positive comments from all people is giving is us the chance to bring back the MT TOUR to Cyprus next year as well. We thank everybody for their support.

Yamaha MT TOUR 2017 Cyprus - Night Event

MT Models

Please click one of the MT models below for more information.

MT TOUR - Models - MT-10
MT TOUR - Models - MT-10 SP
MT TOUR - Models - MT-09
MT TOUR - Models - MT-07
MT TOUR - Models - MT-07Moto-Cage
MT TOUR - Models - MT-03
MT TOUR - Models - MT-125


We are happy to announce that, for the 2017 MT Tour, we’ve welcomed a selection of partners that will increase the Dark Side of Japan experience even more. These partners are working close together with us to ensure you have the best experience during the MT Tour events. Get to know them better below!


Let TomTom’s Rider 410 be your guide as you prepare to explore the Dark Side of Japan on the 2017 MT Tour.


Akrapovic is a market-leading manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars, based in Slovenia. It is a pioneer in the innovative use of super-alloys and at the forefront of carbon components. Akrapovi? exhaust systems are renowned for increasing performance, unmistakable sound, innovative design, lightweight construction, quality workmanship, and durability.

MT TOUR - Partners - Shark Helmets

Experience the cutting edge style and safety of Shark helmets on the MT Tour.

MT TOUR - Partners - Yamaha Music

Yamaha Music
Defined by the same passion for quality and emotional experience.

MT TOUR - Partners - Yamalube

Created by engineers to guarantee quality and years of trouble-free riding.


The Dark Side Returns.
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