SUP Bamboo
Jobe Sports - Bamboo SUP 12.6

Jobe Bamboo SUP 12.6


Price: €1790.00 incl. 19% VAT


Struggling to contain your excitement for adventure, your journey starts here! The 12.6
Bamboo SUP will lead the way on any expedition and is designed to paddle long distances
effortlessly with an 12” inch single fin assembled in a US fin box. Its tall and slim design
makes this the fastest board out there. Lenght: 12’6 Widht: 29 Thickness: 5,5 Volume: 210L, Nose: Shaped
Center: Flat, Tail: Flat, Fin setup: 12 Fiberglass Race Fin Black. Board Weight: 12,9 kg. Recommended
Rider Weight: Up to 120 kg. Including: Railsaver & 10′ Coiled Leash Orange.

Jobe Sports - Bamboo SUP 11.6
Jobe Sports - Bamboo SUP 10.6

Jobe Bamboo SUP 10.6


Price: €1290.00 incl. 19% VAT


The Bamboo 10.6 SUP has a huge surface area giving it more width therefore making it a
truly versatile and stable board for the all round riders. With a thickness of 5”, buoyancy
is increased and stiffness is added while remaining control. It features a thruster fin setup
making it simple to manoeuvre, so either catch your first wave or paddle smoothly through
flat water. Use the specially designed GoPro support port to record yourself during any SUP
session. Length: 10’6″ Widht: 32″ Thickness: 5″ Volume: 189L, Nose: Single Concave, Center: Flat, Tail: Double
Concave, Fin setup: Fiberglass 8″ Center Black + FCS G-L 3,5″ Side Black Board Weight: 13,5 kg.
Recommended Rider Weight: Up to 110 kg. Including: Railsaver & 10″ Straight Leash Orange