Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Concierge-E 6 Passenger

2019 Golfcars

Riding on air

When your business involves moving people safely and efficiently around a resort, concert or sporting venue, you need to be sure that you choose a high-end vehicle that will create a good impression with every customer.

Powered by a silent-running 48V electric motor that delivers smooth and responsive performance, the stylish Concierge is equipped with luxurious sculpted bench seats offering generous legroom for the largest passengers.

The advanced suspension and chunky tyres make you feel like you’re riding on air, and for round the clock operation – indoors or outside – the zero-emission Concierge is fitted with headlights and tail lights.


•  Easy to maintain in-line battery layout
•  Silent-running zero-emission 48V DC electric motor
•  Luxurious 6-seat electric transportation
•  Tru-Trak II™ independent front strut suspension
•  Headlights and tail lights for 24 hour operation
•  Wide, sculpted seats with generous legroom
•  Light and strong HybriCore™ chassis
•  Industry leading 5kW/6.7HP power output
•  Convenient underseat storage
•  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, day and night
•  ClimaGuard top for year-round weather protection
•  Exclusive Yamaha Genius diagnostics


Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

High efficiency 48V AC electric motor

The Concierge's high-efficiency electric motor is one of the most sophisticated and powerful designs in its class, and delivers 5 kW/6.7HP through the rear wheels to give a smooth and virtually silent ride - with the added advantage of zero emissions making it suitable in any situation.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Stylish bodywork with underseat storage

Featuring a tough thermoplastic bodyshell that's finished in a high-gloss polyurethane coating, the Concierge's unrivalled quality stands out. There's plenty of underseat storage space for carrying personal items, and the lightweight roof gives protection from the sun and rain.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Headlights and tail lights

Fitted with headlights and tail lights as standard equipment, this 'A' list people mover is designed to operate day and night, indoors and outside, making it one of the most versatile and convenient ways to transport guests, members or clients from A to B.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Comfortable, safe and convenient

Whether you need to transport guests at a hotel, resort or airport - or even carry VIP guests to a glitzy event, the Concierge is built to impress. With its easy-access interior and luxurious seating, this silent running vehicle gives everybody the red carpet treatment.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger


The Concierge's HybriCore™chassis has been constructed using the latest technology, and features a welded automotive ladder-style steel frame that is fitted with a tough and lightweight polypropylene floor, giving a light and strong structure.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Tru-Trak II™ independent front strut suspension

For a smooth, comfortable and luxurious ride, the Concierge is equipped with Yamaha's leading Tru-Trak II™ independent automotive style front strut suspension - while at the rear there's a unit swing arm with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Easy diagnostics and programming

For quick and easy diagnostics and programming, the Concierge is equipped with Yamaha's leading Genius system that communicates with the motor control unit, and is compatible with any Windows computer and laptop.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Concierge-E 6 Passenger

Luxurious seating for 6 people

The Conciege's seats are designed to carry 6 people, and are the most luxurious in the class. Each seat features a sculpted foam construction that gives supple back support and promotes good posture for a comfortable ride.

Technical specifications

Power supply/Drive train

Output rating
5.0 kW
48 Volt high-efficiency
Mechanical, 2 rear wheel
Six 8-volt Trojan T875 Batteries


Overall length
4,100 mm
Overall width
1,200 mm
Overall height (sun top)
1,910 mm
Overall height (no sun top)
Wheel base
3,337 mm
Front wheel tread
870 mm
Rear wheel tread
980 mm
Minimum ground clearance
148 mm
Floor board height


Automotive style HybriCore™ Chassis, polyester/urethane powder topcoat
Thermoplastic olefin, 2-part top coat of automotive-grade polyurethane
Lubricated steering with sealed bearings and greaseless tie-rod ends
Front suspension
Tru-Trak II™ fully independent automotive-style strut suspension
Rear suspension
Unit swing arm with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers
Self adjusting rear drum
Seamless, fabric-backed vinyl bonded to pure, virgin foam
Front & rear 8 km/h energy-absorbing bumpers


Maximum forward speed
Maximum reverse speed
Turning radius
6.0 metre


Tyre size
215/60-8 DOT (6-ply rating)
Dry weight (less batteries)
Seating capacity
6 persons