Super Hauler-A

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Super Hauler-A

2019 Golfcars

Always ready for hard work

When you need to move large or bulky items quietly and efficiently, the Yamaha Super Hauler utility vehicle is ready to make every day more productive.

This hard working 2-seater comes with a super size aluminium cargo bed giving a hefty cargo payload of 363kg, making it the fast and convenient way to transport equipment or provisions. And with its low emission 357cc EFI 4-stroke engine producing 8.5kW/11.4HP, the Super Hauler has all the power you need to get around quickly and efficiently.

Contoured seats give good back support, while the plush front and rear suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable drive.


•  Headlights and tail lights
•  8.5kW at 3,500rpm for responsive performance
•  Automotive-style dashboard
•  Tru-Trak II™ independent front strut suspension
•  High capacity 363kg cargo bed
•  Supportive bucket seats
•  Light and strong HybriCore™ chassis
•  High capacity 2-seat utility vehicle
•  Low emission 357cc EFI 4-stroke engine
•  Sentry Wraparound Protection System
•  Exclusive Yamaha Genius diagnostics
•  Cargo bed 1,829mm long x 1,219mm wide


Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Low emission 357cc EFI 4-stroke engine

Yamaha is recognised as a world leader in engine design, and the Super Hauler is driven by the latest generation 357cc EFI 4-stroke powerplant that produces 8.5kW/11.4HP at 3,500rpm, giving plenty of responsive performance and strong pulling power.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Aluminum cargo bed

With a super-size aluminum cargo bed measuring 1219mm wide x 1829mm long, the Super Hauler is able to carry large items safely and securely, making your job much easier. And with its 363kg payload cargo bed, the Super Hauler can shift some serious weight.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Comfortable contoured seamless vinyl seats

The Super Hauler is ready to work for as long as it takes to get the job done, and for added comfort it's fitted with contoured seats with a moisture proof outer cover that makes it a joy to drive, even at the end of a hard day's work.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Headlights and tail lights

Fitted with headlights and tail lights as standard equipment, the Super Hauler is built to carry on working well after the sun goes down. Whether it's a late summer evening or a dark winter afternoon, the Super Hauler is always ready to get the job finished, wherever and whenever.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Light and strong HybriCore™ chassis

The Super Hauler's HybriCore™chassis has been constructed using the latest technology, and features a welded automotive ladder-style steel frame that is fitted with a tough and lightweight polypropylene floor, giving a light and strong structure.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Super Hauler-A

Tru-Trak II™ independent front strut suspension

For a smooth and comfortable driving experience the Super Hauler is fitted with Tru-Trak II™ independent automotive style front strut suspension, while at the rear there is a unit swing arm with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

Technical specifications

Power supply/Drive train

Engine type
Yamaha built, low emission single cylinder 60° incline OHV
Bore x stroke
8.5kW @3500rpm
Compression ratio
Lubrication system
Splash-style positive oil lubrication
Oil tank capacity
Ignition system
Transistor magneto ignition
Mechanical, 2 rear wheel


Overall length
3,632 mm
Overall width
1,346 mm
Overall height (no sun top)
1,858 mm
Wheel base
2,492 mm
Front wheel tread
990 mm
Rear wheel tread
980 mm
Minimum ground clearance
148 mm
Floor board height


Automotive style HybriCore™ Chassis, polyester/urethane powder topcoat
Thermoplastic olefin, 2-part top coat of automotive-grade polyurethane
Lubricated steering with sealed bearings and greaseless tie-rod ends
Front suspension
Tru-Trak II™ fully independent automotive-style strut suspension
Rear suspension
Unit swing arm with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers
Self adjusting rear drum
Bucket seats made of polyurethane foam bonded to a durable vinyl cover
Front 8 km/h energy-absorbing bumper


Maximum forward speed
Maximum reverse speed
Turning radius
4.5 metre


Dry weight
Cargo bed capacity
Cargo bed size (LxWxH)
Fuel tank capacity
Tyre size
215/60-8 DOT (6-ply rating)
Seating capacity
2 persons