YXZ1000R SS / SE

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

YXZ1000R SS / SE

2018 Side By Side

Crazy for racing, 2.0 performance and fun.

The original YXZ1000R changed the ROV scene forever. With its super aggressive styling, high-performance engine and advanced chassis, it opened up the era of the pure sport SxS.

We’re taking off road performance to the next level with the YXZ1000R SS – the highest specification SxS ever! Its rally-style paddle shift gives instant fingertip control for clutchless full throttle shifting. And with its YCC-S activated launch control system, nothing comes close to the YXZ1000R SS from a standing start.

Equipped with 14-inch cast aluminium beadlock wheels and recalibrated long travel suspension, both the YXZ1000R SS and the SE are built to dominate the most extreme terrain.


•  The most advanced pure sport SxS
•  Sport-Shift paddle shifters give total control
•  Intelligent Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift
•  Fast and efficient clutchless shifting
•  Seamless upshifting even on full throttle
•  Compact, high-powered 3-cylinder 998cc engine
•  5-speed gearbox with reverse
•  Easy to operate launch control system
•  Engine brake control for smooth downhill descents
•  On-Command 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock selector
•  14-inch cast aluminium beadlock wheels
•  Multi function digital instruments


Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

Clutchless Sport Shift system

The Sport Shift (SS) system is similar to the design used on rally and race cars, and features paddles on either side of the steering column. The left paddle controls down shifts, while the right paddle controls up shifts, giving you the ability to power rapidly through the 5-speed gearbox using only your fingertips!

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S)

The intelligent Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) is the key to the Sport Shift system. Developed from the high tech design used on Yamaha’s Sport Touring motorcycles, the sophisticated YCC-S monitors a series of sensors and instantaneously disengages and engages the clutch when required to give seamless acceleration.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

Launch control system

The launch system (LS) allows you to accelerate from a standstill and power through the 5-speed transmission at full throttle where conditions permit. Initiated by pulling back both paddles simultaneously while holding the footbrake, this YCC-S controlled system can be launched by releasing the brake followed by both paddles.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

Auto shift down and engine brake control

For added convenience this high performance SxS is equipped with an auto down shift control that selects a low gear when the vehicle comes to a stop, preventing stalling. And when coasting downhill with the throttle and brakes off, the engine brake control automatically modulates the clutch to keep the speed to around 10 km/h.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

Fighter style ergonomic cockpit

The driver and passenger sit in a fighter style cockpit equipped with bucket seats that add to the feeling of security. The ergonomic layout features all the controls close at hand, and there is a clear view through the sports steering wheel to the analogue tachometer and digital speedometer that feature an array of warning lights.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

On-Command 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock selector

This pure sports SxS vehicle has been designed to conquer extreme terrain and get you places where few other vehicles dare to go. Situated in the central console, the On-Command switches allow you to select from a choice of 2WD, 4WD or 4WD with Diff Lock, giving you the ability to choose the right mode to suit different landscapes.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

14-inch cast aluminium beadlock wheels

To transmit its high levels of power more effectively to the surface, the YXZ1000R SS is equipped with 14-inch cast aluminium wheels featuring a lock plate that prevents the high-traction tyres from moving on the rim.

Yamaha - Side By Side - YXZ1000R SS / SE

YXZ1000R SS SE Special Edition model

The YXZ1000R SS SE Special Edition offers extreme SxS performance - combined with exclusive race-inspired style! For the ultimate ride the flagship SE model is equipped with recalibrated Fox Podium X2 shocks and Maxxis Cornado tyres - and the radical Yamaha Racing Blue body with a white shroud and graphics underline its pure racing DNA.

Technical specifications


Engine type
Three Cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves
Bore x stroke
80.0 mm x 66.2 mm
Compression ratio
11.3 : 1
Lubrication system
Dry sump
Fuel system
Triple Mikuni 41 mm
Ignition system
Starter system
Transmission system
Constant Mesh, 5-speed.forward, 1-speed.reverse
Drive system
On-Command® 2WD, 4WD, 4WD with Diff-lock
Final transmission


Front suspension system
Independent double wishbone with Anti-Sway bar, 412 mm wheel travel
Rear suspension system
Independent double wishbone with Anti-Sway bar, 432 mm wheel travel
Front brake
Dual hydraulic disc
Rear brake
Dual hydraulic disc, Shaft mounted parking brake
Front tyres
Maxxis MU09, AT27x9.00R-14, Cast aluminium wheels (SE: bead lock wheels)
Rear tyres
Maxxis MU09, AT27x11.00R-14, Cast aluminium wheels (SE: bead lock wheels)


Overall length
3,121 mm
Overall width
1,626 mm
Overall height
1,834 mm
2,300 mm
Minimum ground clearance
330 mm
Min. turning radius
6.0 m
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
685 kg / 699 kg
Fuel capacity
34.0 L
Oil capacity
3.4 L

Loading limits

Cargo bed
136 kg

Additional features

Steering System
Ackermann-type with Electronic Power Steering
Towing capacity
Analog Tachometer, Digital Speedometer w/ Shift Indicator, LCD Display w/ Odometer, Dual Trip Meters, Battery Voltage, Hour Meter, Fuel Meter, Clock, Water Temp, Gear Position Indicator, 4WD/Diff-Lock Status, EPS and Engine Trouble