EX DeLuxe
Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

EX DeLuxe

2018 WaveRunner®

EX Deluxe - the best is rarely this affordable

Meet the innovative Yamaha EX DeLuxe – for people who want maximum reliability and sheer on-water fun, in an agile machine that’s both versatile and easy to handle.

The EX Series has been designed with all the reliability and technical innovation for which Yamaha WaveRunners are legendary, but with a rare no-frills approach that delivers unprecedented affordability. So this DeLuxe model, at the top of our EX line-up, is a really feature and value-packed machine!

High on the list of its many advantages is our revolutionary Ride® technology, a simple-to-use and intuitive control system which has already transformed the riding habits of the watercraft world on our top models.


•  Powerful Yamaha TR-1 engine – 3-cyl 1049cc
•  Tough, light hull design – HyperFlow jet pump
•  Revolutionary Ride® system – intuitive control
•  Precision-sewn 2-colour seat – 3 people in comfort
•  Clear and informative multi-function LED meters
•  Speedo and Tacho + Fuel level and Hours Run
•  Stylish colours and atractive modern graphics
•  Glove Box, plus in-bow and under-seat storage
•  Large 50L fuel capacity – so the fun lasts longer
•  Convenient and comfortable re-boarding handle
•  Strong tow hook for toys, skiing or wakeboarding
•  Non-slip mats – comfortable for the feet


Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Powerful TR-1 engine - 3 cyl 1049cc

Despite its surprising affordability, the exciting EX DeLuxe is powered by the latest version of our innovative 3-cylinder engine, the 1049cc Yamaha TR-1. It's a compact, lightweight unit that packs real punch - with lively acceleration and great top-end power, plus the legendary economy and reliability you expect from a Yamaha.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Designed for all-round handling and performance

The smooth, quiet power, compact dimensions and light weight of the TR-1 engine, matched with the tough, durable and well-proven hull design, delivers a great mix of user-friendly handling, with unusual agility and balance. The result is maximum fun and control with minimum difficulty, even for less experienced drivers.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

RiDE system (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)

The revolutionary RiDE® system transforms control, bringing new confidence to riders at every level. Simply pull the lever on the right hand-grip to move forward and accelerate - pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or reverse. Yes, and with the bonus of Reverse Traction Control it really is that simple!

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Comfortable seating for up to 3 people

The ergonomically designed, 2-colour, precision-sewn seat, exclusive to the EX DeLuxe, is a very secure and comfortable place to be - perfect for sports riding or cruising with up to 3 people. Its high comfort level will make you feel it's been custom-made to fit you. What's more, there's a very handy dry storage area underneath it.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Large 50 Litre fuel capacity - for more fun time

When you blast out on the EX DeLuxe, you probably won't want to come back too soon, so we've built in a tank with a larger fuel capacity (50 Litres) than any competitive watercraft. Which means your fun out on the water can last even longer - and you can cruise even further. Thoughtful - and typically Yamaha.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Multi-function LCD instruments

Great-looking multi-funtion LCD instruments mounted in a stylish cockpit panel are not something you might expect on such a keenly priced, affordable watercraft - but you'll find them on the EX DeLuxe. It offers clear, easy-to-read Speedometer and Tachometer displays, as well as informative readouts for Fuel Level and Hours Run.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Great storage - with luxurious re-boarding and towing facilities

The EX DeLuxe not only has a wet storage area in the bow, but a handy Glove Box and a spacious storage area under the lift-up seat. What's more, when you're towing a toy, skier or wakeboarder using the standard towing eye - the dual mirrors, Hydro-Turf mats and helpful re-boarding step are real luxuries.

Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe

Modern colours, graphics and styling

The EX models don't just bring you the most affordable watercraft adventures, they look good when they're doing it too! The bold colours and striking graphics are up-to-the-minute so you're sure to get admiring glances as you blast along the shoreline or glide into the dock. On a Yamaha EX DeLuxe you can ride with pride!

Technical specifications


Engine type
3-Cylinder, TR-1, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves
Bore x stroke
82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
Compression ratio
11.0 : 1
Cooling system
Pump Type
144 mm Axial Flow
Unleaded Regular Gasoline
Fuel supply system
Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel capacity
50.0 litres
Oil capacity
3.5 litres


3.14 m
1.13 m
1.15 m
Dry weight
272 kg


Storage Capacity
29.0 litres
Rider capacity
1-3 person


Yamaha - Waverunners - EX DeLuxe - Blue Metallic - Blue Metallic

Blue Metallic