Yamalube® Synthetic 10W-40 (1Litres)


Yamalube® Synthetic 10W-40 - YMD-63060-01-00 - 1 Litres - Yamaha
Yamalube® Synthetic 10W-40
1 Litres
CODE: YMD-63060-01-00
including VAT
Synthetic high performance engine oil, especially developed for 4-stroke Outboard Engines and 4-stroke Personal Watercrafts when performing under normal conditions. Developed, tested and approved by Yamaha Motor marine.

• Exceeds API SJ standards
• Good anti-wear protection
• Good anti-oxidant action to protect and keep engine parts clean
• Long lasting protection against engine stress, resulting in smooth operation of engine
• Improved detergency and dispersancy, keeping the egine clean and thus preserving its power and fuel efficiency
• Also in grade 10W-30 for cold-flow performance for less wear at low temperatures

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