Yamaha launched the YZ-line 50 years ago and won its first World Motocross Championship back in 1973. To celebrate this half-century of continuous YZ production the exclusive YZ450F 50th Anniversary Edition has been created. Equipped with the same class-leading engine and chassis technology that has powered our factory riders to numerous MXGP and SX race wins, this limited edition pays tribute to this special moment in the history of Yamaha.

Legendary YZ past. Wide open future.

It’s the lightest, slimmest, sharpest and fastest 450cc motocross bike ever built by Yamaha – and its high-tech design is the result of 50 years of racing and winning at the very highest level. The reverse-head engine ensures super-efficient combustion for increased performance, and the latest Power Tuner App makes is easy to select the best engine mapping.

The mass centralized design enables the lightweight chassis to deliver ultimate agility – while the best-in-class KYB suspension ensures that you can lay down the power efficiently and effectively. And with its 1990’s inspired Anniversary White bodywork with purple/pink graphics, a purple seat and black wheels, you can feel the pure racing DNA every time you ride!

At a glance

  • Exclusive 50th Anniversary Edition colours
  • Powerful, reverse-head engine
  • High-capacity air intake
  • Steel disc spring clutch
  • Lightweight balancer mechanism
  • Aluminium Bilateral Beam frame
  • Slim and seamless bodywork
  • Best-in-class KYB suspension
  • Adjustable traction control system
  • Launch Control System
  • Easy-to-use Power Tuner app
  • Efficient air-management
  • Optimized rider ergonomics

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2024 YZ450F 50th Anniversary Edition