You’re looking at the most advanced 125cc motocross bike that Yamaha has ever developed. With a race-winning heritage that goes back 50 years, the YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition gives every aspiring racer the chance to ride the ultimate factory-style motocross bike.

Level up your performance.

Featuring a 2-stroke, 125cc powerplant with a high-efficiency YPVS (Yamaha Power Valve System) and a Keihin power jet carburettor for explosive acceleration, the YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition has the power to keeps you way out front – and a slick shifting 6-speed transmission helps to shave precious seconds off your lap times.

With its exclusive black and blue colour scheme and factory team style graphics, the YZ125 Monster Energy Racing Edition is the ultimate production race bike. Its slim bodywork and flat seat allow you to shift weight quickly for total control – and with its powerful braking system and best-in-class KYB suspension, this special edition is destined for the victory Zone!

At a glance

  • Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition bodywork
  • Most powerful YZ125 engine
  • Keihin Power jet carburettor
  • Ultra-slim bodywork
  • Smooth shifting 6-speed transmission
  • High-efficiency air intake
  • Race-developed ergonomics
  • Best-in-class KYB suspension
  • Powerful braking system
  • Aluminium rear frame

With its outstanding engine performance, agile handling chassis and legendary Yamaha quality and durability, the YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition is the bike of choice for future champions. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you’ll to be able to ride at 100% – every time.

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YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition